What are Orbs?


What are orbs?


Picture of Orbs

A form of guessing and foreseeing the future implies the usage of ORBS. It is promoted on the televisions, and sometimes it is considered more effective than tarot. The ORB is used to guess the future of people, whether we are talking about love, money or career. The ORBS IN PICTURES appeared thousands of years ago, and their popularity was immense. The apparition of Christian beliefs made the ORBS obsolete, as the Christian leaders considered this kind of guessing as witchcraft. However, if you want to become a professional witch, or you are just passionate about the past and the future, you should know what are orbs.

The ORB is well defined in the collective conception, especially after being promoted by the witches as one of the most effective methods to guess the future. The ORBS IN PICTURES are now trade marks of psychics. If you want to understand What are orbs, you will have to know that they are only a method to foresee the future, not to change it. If the witch wants to change something, she will have to use other methods such as the tarot cards.

At the end of the XIX century, when the phenomenon entered in the attention of specialists, the subjects preferred the mirror as the most effective way of guessing. However, as this method was proved fake, as even its inventor recognized, people got back to the classical ORBS

During the Inquisition, having an ORB in your house was the equivalent of death. Of course, this happened only in Europe, as the ORBS IN PICTURES appeared constantly in the Indian and Chinese chronics.

Now that you know what are orbs, you should also know a few tricks about using it.

The ORBS must be placed in the daylight or the sundown, and the surface of the ORB must be isolated with a dark towel. There are controversies about the towels. While some people say that any kind of towel is good, the most experienced witches are inspiring from the ORBS IN PICTURES, where the towel was a special one made of silk and enhanced with magical powers. The orb must be isolated, and you must look right into it. After a while, the transparency of the orb disappears and the visions appear.

It is believed that nobody could really tell what are orbs and why those visions appear. On one hand, we are talking about the paranormal effect of the vision. The phenomenon is facilitated by the proprieties of the sphere. The black towel also plays an important role. The images can be interpreted only by the experienced witches. Using the orbs, important facts about the future of the subject could be determined. However, even if some people are convinced about the effects of the orb, the ability of the spheres to change the future is out of the question. However, if you are preparing to become a professional witch, the orb will be an important part of your arsenal, along with the dices and the tarot cards.