Are orbs really Indicative of some Paranormal Activity?

Orbs in a graveyard

Are you one of those who are looking for an answer to the phenomenon referred to as orbs? If yes, read on as this article will try to decipher if orbs have anything to do with paranormal or not. Transparent light balls that are commonly seen in photos taken by digital cameras, mostly at places considered haunted, are called orbs. But recent instances in which people have recorded orbs even in their bedrooms and bathrooms reject the haunted place theory. There are many who believe these light balls to have a spiritual basis while there are those from the scientific community who explain the existence of these bubbles or balls on the basis of dust or dirt particles coming in front of the camera lens at the same time shutter is pressed to take the photo.

orbs to capture
Camera used to capture orbs

It is true that orbs have been there for almost a century now. But the instances of these white, transparent light balls appearing in photos has increased manifold since the arrival of digital cameras on the horizon. This is one fact that makes a mockery of the spirit or the ghost claims made by people. Those who say that the light balls are spiritual orbs say that these are ghosts that find a way to get represented on the photograph. These people buttress their claim by saying that more photos have these orbs when taken at haunted places than at homes and crowded outdoors. These spheres of light are explained as the best shape for the ghosts to manifest themselves in photographs as it takes least amount of energy in this manner. Spiritual orbs are spirits of human beings that remain in the atmosphere as they have been stuck here; trying it hard to detach themselves from the attachment they feel towards their relatives and friends. Thos who believe in this ghost theory say that it is in the hands of ghosts to manifest themselves in a more powerful manner as when one sees colored globules instead of transparent white light balls.

There is no dearth of people claiming orbs to be a paranormal activity. However, there are many who ridicule such claims saying that orb is nothing but a peck of dirt or dust sticking on to the lens at the instant photo is being clicked. But this principle has a flaw as it cannot explain the presence of dozens of orbs in a photo. There are some who believe that orbs are benevolent angels as they are guardian angels and are there to guide you in your life. You are not aware of the existence of these angels and they show up in your photos when they have a special reason to let you know about their presence in your life.

Believers in spiritual orbs say that spirits of people keep on wandering near their dear ones as they are not willing to move on to the next level of existence. However, there is no scientific basis or explanation to buttress the claims of this community of believers.

lot of orbs
Look at all the orbs
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We all would like to wonder just what those little balls of charged light that appear in our photos now and then. Could they be the echoes of spirits passed away trying to reach out to those of us still living or are they merely something much more rational like a spec of dust or bug that just so happened to fall within our lense finder?

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