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What the heck are orbs?

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There has been a lot of debate on the subject of orbs that are nothing but transparent balls of light looking like dust balls captured in photos. These orbs have been linked with ghosts, spirits, paranormal, and many even destroy the pictures taken by their digital camera if they see these orbs after getting the prints. Sometimes orbs appear in colors also. Mostly orbs are reflections off mirrors and glass objects though dust also plays its part along with moisture, and even insects can cause formation of orbs in photos. It is not just pictures but even videos that show movement across rooms have been associated with these orbs.

Sometimes these transparent light balls are bright and full of details while at times they are faded and barely visible. There are people who believe that these light balls are manifestations of spirits of dead. There are some who believe that they are a separate life form altogether. There are millions of people fascinated by these orbs as they mostly appear on photos taken in haunted places though orb is not limited to ancient and less frequented places and seen on photos of houses and even public places frequented by people. Orbs in pictures are a very old phenomenon and they aroused fear as well as curiosity among those who saw them. The frequency of orbs in pictures increased with the arrival of digital cameras on the scene.

When these dust balls are captured in video, they appear to move like other living things captured in the video. This aspect or feature has led many to talk about spiritual orbs. However, to those having scientific aptitude, all such theories attributing paranormal and spiritual reasons behind orbs in pictures are unpalatable and they are always searching for scientific answers to this phenomenon. Let us find out the real truth behind these dust balls in photos that have been puzzling many for such a long time.

Airborne particles (mostly dust) are always there whether or not photography is being done at night. But when photographs are clicked with flash being used at night, and there are these dust particles present in the place, they show up in photos as dust balls, especially when dust particle is very close to the lens of the camera. However, dust is only one of the many factors responsible for these globules showing up in photos. Moisture, mold, and pollen are some other things that can cause these balls of light to show up in photographs. Orbs formed because of these factors in photos are called false positives as those who believe in spiritual orbs wish to take out all physical factors that can cause orbs to appear in photos. In fact, 50-90 % of orbs that show up in pictures are nothing more than conditions that are present in the atmosphere at the time of flash being used when picture is taken. Many photographers believe it is possible to create orbs in pictures though there still are some who believe in paranormal theory behind orbs.