Orbs and the Paranormal

Orbs: Anonymous, Uncertain, Mysterious, and Paranormal

Anonymous Uncertain Mysterious and Paranormal Orbs

Orbs Anonymous Uncertain Mysterious and Paranormal

An orb is a phenomenon that is seen in photographs in the shape of round and transparent balls. They have been seen in photos ever since photography as an art came into being. Initially, the photos that contained these transparent balls were taken as aberrations or showing up as some mistake by the photographer. But when more and more photos, especially those taken in mysterious and quiet places like cemeteries and graveyards appeared regularly did people sit up and take notice of them. As is the wont, people associated these small, round, and transparent balls with ghosts and spirits. This was because people could not justify their presence with rational thinking though they settled with an explanation that suggested the presence of dust or speck on the lens at the time of the photograph being taken.


Orbs in a sense are similar to EVP where inaudible voices are heard in a recording when played on radio or a recording machine. Now these sounds that feel like human voices were not there at the time of the recording but how and when they intruded the tape and later could be heard is a question that remains unexplained just like orbs that were not there or not seen at the time of the photo being taken.

There are people who strongly believe in something paranormal about orbs. They say that these round, transparent balls that were black and white when there was B&W photography but turned colored as soon as the world moved on to color photography, were actually spirits or ghosts that manifested themselves in the form of energy. These spirits did not leave earth on the death of the body they lived inside. In fact, they were reluctant to leave for their heavenly abode but did nothing to suggest they were inimical to living human beings. It looked like these orbs were a way of ghosts to try to communicate with the living beings. But so far scientists have not been able to decipher the code behind this form of communication. They cannot even explain why there is only a single orb in some photos and why are there dozens in another photo. However, nobody can explain this fondness of the spiritual orbs for the camera to manifest them.

A middle path has been chosen by some rational and logical thinking people who say that though some of the so called orbs have a physical basis and can be explained through dust and speck sitting on the lens of the camera at the instant when the photo was taken, there are some orbs that are hard to be explained on the basis of physics.

However, this creates more confusion in the minds of the people as they do not know which ones are naturally occurring and which one’s are a creation of the dust and specks sitting on the lens of the camera. Whatever the reality, there is no doubt that orbs have always been at the centre of curiosity with no real explanation coming forward so far.

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