Animal Manifestations

Animal Manifestations and Orbs

Orbs and Animal Manifestations

Animal Manifestations and Orbs

Whether you are a photographer or just a lover of photography clicking away nature and friends with your digital camera, you must be aware of the concept of orbs. This is because whereas round and transparent light balls that were limited to a few instances till the introduction of digital photography, they have become countless today as more and more photos today come up with these orbs. Despite manifesting themselves in photos, they remain unexplained even today. They are still in the realm of paranormal though there are millions who laugh orbs away saying they are nothing but dust particles, soot, snow particles, that shine when flash is used at night to click photos. Let us take a closer look.


There are people who see human faces in orbs and feel they are ghosts or spirits of those who are dead. There are others who can see animal manifestation in these round and transparent bubbles and actually see faces of animals that may seem surprising to others. But whether faces or not, there can be no gainsaying that orbs are energy blobs that show up in photos.

At one point of time, there was such a craze of pictures of orbs that people bought magazines and books to have a glimpse of these pictures. This was also because of the tremendous publicity these pictures got with experts claiming them to be manifestations of ghosts or spirits. Bust soon, there was a spate of such pictures of orbs as people bought digital cameras and the incidents of orbs showing up in photos increased manifold. This was when websites concerning with everything paranormal refused to accept pictures of orbs virtually giving up on orbs as something to do with paranormal.

However, it remains a fact that orbs are still unexplained as it is virtually impossible to say with certainty which photos would contain orbs and where they would never show up. There are many who believe these orbs show up when requested thereby implying they are manifestations of ghosts or spirits. There was a time when orbs manifested themselves in photos of desolate and mysterious places only. But today, this trend has reversed with orbs showing up in pictures taken in happy occasions and inside homes, even bedrooms.

Some people believe that orbs are benevolent spirits that come from a different dimension than ours. Spiritual orbs show up when we need their energy and are feeling down. Because orbs belong to another life form that we do not recognize, most of us do not think highly of them. There are many who get irritated seeing them in their photos feeling their photo got corrupt. Rarely does one realize that orbs are a way of spirits to talk or communicate with us humans. That scientists have failed to decipher the code of the language used by spirits is no justification to say that orbs are no ghost or spirit manifestations.

Though the popularity of orbs has gone down, the fact that scientists have not been able to explain their existence means people continue to treat them as they please.

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