Paranormal Investigation in Weed’s Black Butte Saloon

A group of professional ghost hunters went to Black Butte Saloon this month to spend an overnight in the building to investigate about the rumors saying that spirits call this building their home. A “paranormal detective”, Paul Dale Roberts, from Haunted & Paranormal Investigations International, the building that is built by Madam Miss Georgia Clark in 1917, is haunted. Robert and his team recorded Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVPs, with their digital recorder.

In the back of the saloon, which is a poker room, they heard voices and unexplained noises. Together with the psychics Breanna Apodaca and Chantal, and lead investigators Sheri Aresta and Deanna Bailey, Robert and his team captured “designer orbs” in photographs. The evidence that they have collected will be included in Robert’s next book about paranormal investigations. Also, the property managers of the Black Butte Saloon, Stephanie Shaver and Deborah Hart who runs it as an even hall are also willing to tell the investigators about what they’ve felt and seen.

Shaver said that she always felt a great welcoming feeling and she also wants to know more about Miss Georgia Clark and the history of the building. Shaver said that her experience in the building is not spooky or anything like that. It’s just plain and simple, wanted and welcoming. On the other hand, Hart states that she felt strange things and heard voices since she moved there. She lives in one of the apartments upstairs. She contacted HPI to conduct an investigation on November 9, 2012.

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Fifteen Orbs Spotted in UK

People were shocked to see orbs lining up in the sky as they flew upwards out of sight. Over 100 more sightings have been reported in Britain and in Holland. Some would say that they have just witnessed a group of unidentified flying objects while some will say that these things are just groups of Chinese lanterns floating in the sky.

The latest reported sightings were in Lincoln and Marseyside, Sunday. In Cambridgeshire, one witness claims that orbs there were as huge as houses. Paul Sight, a 54 year old engineer, took photos of these mysterious things flying over Lincoln on his mobile phone.

He told Daily mail that at first, there were 36 of these strange things, darting in between each other, dodging and they are like playing a game. The Ministry of Defense is considering that these strange sightings might have something to do with Merseyside lights that are connected to an exercise that involves HMS Daring that was docked in Liverpool.

Scott Boswell, a 37 year old banker said that he witnessed more than 100 lights flying less than 2 miles above his house in Hinchingbrooke, Cambridgeshire. He is very sure that those were not aircrafts because they are not making noises. Whatever these things are, it is still the way how we see or interpret them. Having not enough knowledge regarding these strange sightings is one of the reasons why we refer these things as out of this world creature. But, are we sure that they don’t exist?

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Fireballs with Tails and Jet Chases Orbs Spotted in Florida

Sightings of strange objects and entities had been reported in Clearwater, Florida last October 28, 2012 at 7:40 PM. This report is also in the database of Mutual UFO Network. The one who saw it stated that there are two orbs that were chased by jets and there are also fireballs with tails.

The witness said that most of the time, he is searching the sky for strange objects and while is doing that, the sightings happened. The witness is a sky watcher which he does every night and a multiple reporter. As he walks out the house which he does several times every night, he saw a jet just above his head followed by an orb. The witness described how the orbs were followed by jets and gave a short description of the chase and the movement of those unidentified flying objects.

The witness said that the orb was followed by a jet. The first orb was followed by the leading jet towards the north direction until both of them flew out of sight. The second orb changed direction towards the north. The jet also made a sharp turn to follow but it was too slow to catch with the orb. The orb flew out of sight.

The orbs were star sized and it was color white. The witness also described the fireball and how it flew over his head. He said that the fireball was half an inch wide with 8 – 10 inch trail of sparks and flames. If the military jets were after those unidentified objects in the skies over the US, what for?

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Spirits in Biddeford Mills

People are hearing many stories about spirits that haunts the buildings of Biddeford’s Pepperell Mill Campus and people were wondering if they were really true. George “Pete” Lamontagne, a Biddeford resident, was told to stop mentioning about spirits during his tours in the campus. To satisfy their curiosity, a group of people ask him about his experiences and asked him if they can go for a late night tour in the mills. After checking with the Board of Directors of Biddeford Mills Museum, they went on with the tour.

Maine paranormal investigators, Haunt ME, also explored the mill and they have recently recorded various activity. Pete referred to this group as ghost busters. Because of this documented things, the group are more eager to check things out. Brian who writes for the courier was at the mills to write about “Halloween in Pepperell’s Shadows,” a spooky and historical tour held by Biddeford High School’s National Honor Society and the museum. He captured a photo of a cat sitting on a window sill above the desk and a woman holding a baby in blue pajamas.

The group’s final experience has something to do with orbs. Lots of people think that they have captured orbs. These things are nearly see through circles of light and round in shape. If you zoom in on it, you might see facial features but other people believe that these are just specs of dust that are captured in lens. Whether you believe it or not, it is difficult to deny that the third kind does not exist with all of the paranormal activities occurring in the mills.

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